Add a company type customer for the store with the parent set to the company the store is for.

Add users under the company customer as type individual and check web login box on custom subtab (email address cannot be a duplicate of existing customer)

Create UniSyn Category that will be the “catalog” for the store. Create child categories under that category for the store.

Assign products to these categories under the custom subtab on the product under UniSyn Categories

Create survey template for the order survey. Create questions and options for the questions if they are selects, checkboxes, or radios.

Create a UniSyn Site record

  • Set the name to the name of the site

  • Set the bill to customer to the customer you wish all orders to be placed under with a reference to the user

  • Set the new user parent customer to the company the store belongs to

  • Set the top level category to the top level “catalog” category you made

  • Set the order survey to the order survey for the site if one is required. This is option so you can leave it blank if you’d like.